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Bolt or Lug pattern is the dimension of an imaginary ring created by the centers of the wheel lugs. Bolt patterns can be 3 to 10 and either holes or studs. The bolt pattern is made of two numbers - the first one indicates the number of bolt holes or studs that are on the vehicle, while the second one gives information about the distance between them in either inches or millimeters. A bolt pattern of 4x150 indicates a 4 bolt pattern on a circle with a diameter of 150mm . If you need assistance measuring your bolt pattern please click here


1. What do H, M and L under the "Offset" column mean?

"H" means High Positive Offset Typically +35 to +55, "M" means Medium Positive Offset Typically +15 to +25 and "L" means None or Low Positive Offset Typically 0 to +15. These tell you how far the mounting surface for your wheels is to the outside of the vehicles fender, "Low" being the furthest inside the fenderwell and "High" being closest to the outside of the fender. Typically front wheel drive cars are "High" and rear wheel drive are "Low". This info is very useful in correctly purchasing your next set of wheels, if overlooked and you went strictly by bolt pattern you could either end up buying wheels that stick out from the fender or are sunk to far into the fender. Either way causing you to look rediculous and possibly creating turning/steering problems.

2. Why is my vehicle not listed on here?

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it may take us a few weeks to get all makes and models in our system. Please check back frequently or use the "Contact Us" to email your year, make and model and we will reply asap with your vehicles info.

3. Since rim width is so important when buying custom rims, how can I find my OE rim width?

It should be listed here under the "OE Wheel Size" column, but if it isn't listed the easiest way is to look in your door jamb or glove box. You should find the sticker from the facory and on it you'll see something like: Rims: 16x7.5J